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    Strawberry Lavender Pound Cake

    I am sooo feeling this spring-to-summer transition that we’re in right now. Now that we’re back in the Midwest and have four distinct seasons (yay!), I’m soaking in the sunshine and spring blooms. Of course this mood continues to my kitchen, where this Strawberry Lavender Pound Cake embodies this time of year perfectly!

    Strawberry Lavender Pound Cake
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    Mini Lemon Meringue Pound Cakes

    I have some serious lemon lovers at my house. My husband (Adam) and oldest son (James) both loooove lemon. Oftentimes I see lemon recipes and make them because I know those two will absolutely love it. In the case of these Mini Lemon Meringue Pound Cakes, it was more than just their love of lemon that got me on board. I’ve never seen a recipe quite like this, and that says a lot! I was intrigued, and now I’m pleased to say I have a batch of these delicious little beauties on my kitchen counter.