• Tarts

    Mimosa Tart

    My favorite thing to do with citrus: pour some champagne and make a mimosa! 😀 As such, I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the last hurrah of citrus season than with this Mimosa Tart!

    mimosa tart
  • Candy

    Chocolate Champagne Truffles

    Dark chocolate is my jam. You may have noticed a trend when it comes to chocolate on this page. I don’t do milk chocolate. I don’t do white chocolate, or at least not very often. I’m a DARK chocolate girl. Seeing as I haven’t shared a single truffle recipe on the blog yet (how can that be??), it was time! You could always take my recipes and change the type of chocolate used, but you NEED to do the dark chocolate for these: Chocolate Champagne Truffles.

    Chocolate Champagne Truffles

  • Cake,  Layer Cake

    Champagne and Chocolate Strawberries Cake

    My husband and I have been married 14 years today (Hi, Adam! Happy Anniversary! <3 ). 14 years! Most days I don’t feel like a grownup, and then I remember that I’m in my late 30s with three kids and that I’ve been married FOURTEEN years. So…I suppose I’m technically a grownup. I was thinking about weddings and marriage and anniversary celebrations, and my thoughts automatically went to champagne. From there, my champagne thoughts strayed to strawberries…*no*…chocolate-covered strawberries! Thus, this Champagne and Chocolate Strawberries Cake was created.

  • Cupcakes

    Mimosa Cupcakes

    Mimosas! To me, mimosas are the ultimate in self-pampering, and a surefire sign that a lovely day is ahead of me. You can keep your manicures and facials and massages. I just want breakfast and a mimosa (or two). And some quiet, although I doubt that’s possible. My love of sweets naturally leads me to want to morph one of my favorite beverages into a baked good. These Mimosa Cupcakes are orange and champagne cake topped with a champagne Italian meringue buttercream. In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, I tried my hand at making some citrus-colored fondant roses and peonies to dress them up.