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    Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

    You know the saying: when it rains it pours? It’s been way too true at my house. Such is life! The fam and I were totally taken out by the flu last week. Not one of those 24-hour bugs, oh no. It’s taking each of us a full week to get healthy again. As soon as my three-year-old kicked that bug, it was an ear infection. My husband was out of town for work. Kids extracurriculars and Valentine’s Day parties (and the required mom contributions that go with them) added to the mess… None of that has anything to do with these Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups (filled with cheesecake mousse!). They just help explain why it took me so long to get the recipe posted here. Sorry about that. Better late than never, right?

    mini chocolate chip cookie cups with cheesecake mousse