• Cream Puffs

    Pecan Pie Cream Puffs

    It’s Thanksgiving week! In true Amee form, I have one last minute recipe for you that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table. After this I promise I’ll embrace all things peppermint and gingerbread, but for today: Pecan Pie Cream Puffs!

    Pecan Pie Cream Puffs
  • Cake,  Layer Cake

    Gingerbread Cake

    Sometimes I have a recipe idea pop up in my head whole, and I know exactly what it will look and taste like from the start. Other times, it’s more of a feeling that turns into a recipe as I go along. This Gingerbread Cake was the latter, a half-idea that I pieced together as I went. I’m so happy with the (delicious) result!

    Gingerbread Cake

  • Breakfast,  Holiday

    Christmas Breakfasts

    There are lots of recipe roundups out there for Christmas sweets, desserts, and dinner ideas, but I don’t see many (any?) for Christmas Breakfasts. Planning breakfast on Christmas morning might not be something at the top of your to-do list as we enter these last few days before the holiday, but come Christmas morning you’ll be glad you did! So here’s my roundup of Christmas-morning-worthy breakfast recipes!

  • Cookies

    Mocha Swirl Cookies

    You’ve probably noticed by now that coffee + chocolate is my jam. I’m a big fan of this flavor combo (as you can no doubt tell with a quick search of this site). So when I was looking at all the flavors on my list of Christmas cookies and saw ZERO coffee/espresso anything, I was shocked! How could I not? As such, these Mocha Swirl Cookies were born, and added to the list!

    Mocha Swirl Cookies

  • Holiday

    Christmas Desserts

    I feel like Christmas sneaks up on me every year! You, too?? To help you get everything planned, I’ve included below all of my recipes that are worthy of after-Christmas-dinner dessert splendor. For you: all my Christmas Desserts!

  • Holiday,  Tips

    Christmas Gifts for Bakers

    The holidays are here! This is definitely waaaay outside my usual, but as I was browsing online I saw so many things that would make fabulous gifts! As such, I couldn’t resist stepping outside the kitchen (and going down a blogging rabbit hole) to put together a post of Christmas Gifts for Bakers! A lot of these items are things that I own and use often! Let me know if you have any questions about any of these items! Do you think there’s anything I missed?

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    Stocking Stuffers

    Microplane Grater

    This grater has a variety of uses, but it can’t be beat for zesting citrus!

    Bee’s Wrap

    I love using this wrap in the kitchen! Eco friendly, convenient, and reusable!

    Measuring Cups

    You can never have too many, and the metal ones will last a lifetime!

    Measuring Spoons

    I love this set! The long, skinny shape means they fit in all your spice jars!

    Offset Spatula

    You can make it work with a butter knife, but it’s easier to frost and keep your hands out of the way with one of these!

    Biscuit Cutters

    These babies are a workhorse in the kitchen! Whether it’s biscuits, cookies, scones, or fondant, they’ll always come in handy!

    Pizza Cutter

    Fabulous not only for cutting pizza, but for scones and pastry, too!

    Bowl Scrapers

    This tool is super handy and super affordable! Fantastic for getting all the dough out of a bowl (and off your counter)!

    Silicone Spatulas

    I use these constantly! So useful, and I love that these are completely coated in silicone. No food mess stuck between the head and the handle with these!

    Pastry Blender

    Cutting butter into pastry or streusel has never been easier with one of these!

    Dusting Wand

    How fun is this?? Get a perfect dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa powder on your finished product with this cutie!

    Measuring Beakers

    You don’t really *need* these if you have measuring cups and spoons, but LOOK at how cute!! I use mine all the time during recipe prep!

    Citrus Juicer

    Not exactly necessary, but it makes your life SO much easier when making a recipe like key lime pie! I like the medium (lemon) size, because it’s big enough for lemons and limes, and you can easily segment oranges to use in it, too.

    Candy Thermometer

    There’s just no good substitute for a candy thermometer when you’re making meringue-based buttercreams, marshmallows, and candy!

    Bench Scraper

    Fantastic for portioning dough and cleaning up your work surface!

    Cookie Scoops

    My recipes specify whether I’m using a small, medium, or large cookie scoop. The sizes make a difference for bake time and texture, and using a scoop keeps baking consistent–and your hands clean!

    Practical Tools


    I love these, and I use them for practically everything on a baking sheet. Nothing sticks to them, baked goods brown more slowly, and there’s no waste!

    Mixing Bowl Set

    This set is fabulous! Perfect for mixing, with a silicone handle to hold onto, silicone base to hold the bowl still, and a pour spout! I’ve had mine for years and they’re still perfect.

    Rolling Pin

    The baker in your life may have a standard rolling pin, but this one would still make a great gift! With it’s nonstick surface and the thickness rings that are included, it’s definitely an upgrade!

    Kitchen Scale

    I went for years without a kitchen scale, now I can’t live without mine! Ensuring that batter is divided equally between pans and more accurately measuring ingredients makes you a better baker!

    Fine Mesh Strainer

    From sifting flour or powdered sugar to removing seeds from fruit puree, a very useful tool to have in the kitchen!

    Cookie Sheets

    An absolute necessity! All my suggestions for pans are from USA Pan, because they have fabulous products, all made in the USA!

    Muffin Pan

    Muffins, cupcakes, cookie cups, and so many savory options! Having a good muffin pan is a necessity!

    Loaf Pans

    I use these so often! You might want two!

    Round Cake Pans

    These 9″ cake pans are pretty standard, but there are many more sizes you could gift, too!

    Pie Plate

    If you gift a pie plate, maybe you’ll get some pie! 😉 I like this one with the fluted edge because it fancies up the pie even if you just do a simple crimp. <3

    9″x13″ Pan

    Cakes, bars, brownies, pizza! This pan is welcome in any kitchen!

    Liquid Measuring Cup

    This is sooo much easier than using a regular measuring cup when measuring liquids! I love this one in particular because you can read how full it is from the top!

    Less Practical, More Fun 🙂

    Mini Pie Pans

    Mini desserts are insanely adorable, so any baker would appreciate these mini pie pans!

    Angel Food Cake Pan

    You have to have an angel food cake pan with those teeny feet to make it correctly! Mega bonus: it looks like a little alien spacecraft on your counter when it’s inverted to cool. 😀

    Mini Tart Pans

    The next installment in mini adorableness, these mini tart pans would always make a wonderful gift!

    Cake Plate with Dome

    Any cake would look gorgeous on this cake plate!

    Doughnut Pan

    I’ve had a few brands of doughnut pans, and this is the best one! I have two for less (or no) cleanup between batches of doughnuts.

    Push Pan

    This Push Pan is amazing! This pan has a waterproof silicone seal, so you can place the pan directly in a water bath (for the best cheesecake ever) with no leaking!

    Mini Cheesecake Pan

    Making itty bitty cheesecakes isn’t really any more difficult than making one large one, but they look SO impressive! The baker in your life will love this pan!

    Kitchen Torch

    It’s always a good day when you can break out the kitchen torch!! I’ve had mine for years and I still get giddy when I use it!

    Just for Fun

    Oven Mitt

    For the sassy baker in your life! I would buy this if my kids couldn’t read. 😀

    Kitchen Towel

    Everyone can use another kitchen towel, and I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment!

    Japanese-Style Apron

    I’m obsessed with this apron! Nothing hanging on the back of your neck, it has pockets, and great coverage, too!

    Cupcake Socks

    Who doesn’t want fuzzy socks?? These cupcake socks are perfect for the baker in your life!

    Star Baker Shirt

    Whether a GBBO fan or not, I think any baker would appreciate this! *adds to Christmas list*

    Bakers Gonna Bake Sweatshirt

    One of my absolute faves!! <3

    Cupcake PJ Pants

    I don’t think my husband would appreciate these, but look how cuuuute!

    Whisk Necklace

    This necklace is over-the-top cute!


    Bouchon Bakery

    I go back to this book year after year for inspiration and fantastic recipes! This book has some straightforward recipes and plenty of challenges!

    Bake From Scratch (Volume 1)

    This cookbook from the Bake From Scratch team has so many recipes! Try the potato rolls–to die for!


    This is another book that has been a go-to for years! Joanne Chang is awesome!

    Pastry Love

    Another, newer, cookbook from Joanne Chang. So many wonderful recipes!


    Stella Parks is a modern-day baking icon! This book of American desserts has something for everyone!

    Vanilla Bean Baking Book

    This book has so many thoughtful, interesting recipes! Hello, basil buttercream! <3

    Sister Pie

    The ladies of Sister Pie have a special place in my heart. Seriously–check them out on Insta. Love all they do! The recipes in this book are fun, inventive, and delicious!

    Oh Sweet Day

    Love this book’s variety of recipes and beautiful photos!


    Homemade Vanilla Kit

    Making your own vanilla is so easy! Makes a great gift!

    Vanilla Bean Paste

    My favorite ingredient!!!! <3 More flavorful than extract and more economical than beans. I want those little black vanilla bean flecks in *everything*!

    Espresso Powder

    Any baker that loves espresso needs this ingredient! Finely ground especially for baking, it’s the best way to get coffee flavor in baked goods!

    Chocolate Extract

    This ingredient makes chocolate baked goods taste so good! This extract is sometimes overlooked, so it makes a fabulous gift!

    Cocoa Nibs

    Any baker would love to have these in their pantry! I’ve never seen them in a grocery store, so they make a great gift!

    Maraschino Cherries

    These aren’t your ordinary marachinos! These deep, dark, beautiful cherries are made for cocktails…and any baker would love to use them in recipes!

    Vanilla Sugar

    I love the flavor of vanilla sugar! It can be used in so many ways, it’s a great gift!

    Citrus Oils

    This citrus oil set is a fantastic gift! These oils are more flavorful than extracts. They’re soooo good!

    Hopefully this post was helpful in finding a gift or two for someone special–even if it’s yourself! 🙂

  • Cookies

    Peppermint Mocha Cookies

    I’ve had this idea for Peppermint Mocha Cookies in my brain for *years.* I finally decided that THIS is the year to make them a reality! 2020 hasn’t been a great year, but with cookies like this, it’s not all bad, either! 😉

    Peppermint Mocha Cookies

  • Holiday

    Christmas Cookies

    Ohhhh boy, Christmas is nearly here! Now is the time to make ALL. THE. SWEETS!! In this post I’ve pulled together all my recipes for Christmas Cookies (and bars and brownies!) so you can finalize your baking plans! These Christmas Cookies can be served alone, or make a variety and serve them up on a tray or pack them in gift boxes for friends and family.

  • Cheesecake

    Cranberry Swirl Cheesecake

    I make this Cranberry Swirl Cheesecake every Thanksgiving. I just love the flavors, the textures, the color! I also find that anything containing cranberry is a nice segue between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it’s absolutely perfect right now!

    Cranberry Swirl Cheesecake