• Cookies

    Caramel Apple Cookies

    It’s FALL! But wait, there’s more! 😀 Not only is it Fall, it’s Fall and I’m back in the Midwest! When we were living in Texas, we missed FOUR YEARS of Fall. No crisp weather. No color change. No kids jumping in leaves. No apple orchards!! There were a lot of things that I missed about Michigan while we were gone, but I think Fall tops the list. It’s my favorite season, and I am downright giddy watching the trees start to change. So, break out the fall recipes! To start: these scrumptious Caramel Apple Cookies!

    Caramel Apple Cookies

  • Cream Puffs

    Dulce de Leche Cream Puffs

    Happy New Year! I don’t do new year’s resolutions, nor do I subscribe to the health craze that takes everyone over the first six weeks of the year. I’m definitely an “everything in moderation, including moderation” (-Oscar Wilde) kind of gal. So–obviously–we need Dulce de Leche Cream Puffs.