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    Breakfast Fruit Tart

    Summer is a good time to have a couple light breakfasts in your recipe collection. The fact that this Breakfast Fruit Tart is both easy and brunch-worthy makes it pretty much the best ever. This beauty has a slightly sweet oatmeal crust filled with vanilla yogurt and topped with fresh berries. Brunch-worthy indeed.

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    Classic Fruit Tart

    I rarely make a recipe twice. On the rare occasion that I do, I tend to modify the recipe over time. (It drives my husband crazy.) Not the case with this Classic Fruit Tart. I make at least one of these beauties every summer, and I never stray from the original recipe. It’s perfect. We’re talking an orange-scented sweet pastry shell, vanilla bean pastry cream, and loads of fresh fruit. You could serve it with brunch, lunch, dinner, or just because. Or all of those. It’s that good.