• Mini Desserts,  Tarts

    Raspberry Pistachio Tartlets

    The bounty of summer berries is always inspiring me for new ways to use them! I saw some gorgeous raspberries, and of course my brain immediately started pairing them with other delicious flavors. Pistachios, honey, vanilla…the resulting creating was these delicious Raspberry Pistachio Tartlets!

    A photo of three raspberry pistachio tartlets on a white plate.
  • Cake,  Layer Cake

    Vanilla Cake with Berry Buttercream

    I do a lot of baking with berries in the summertime…because BERRIES! I typically use them a topping (as opposed to baking them), because they’re just so darn good as-is! This time I decided to leave the (beautiful, roll-your-eyes good) berries for snacking. I used freeze-dried berries for this gorgeous Vanilla Cake with Berry Buttercream.

    vanilla cake berry buttercream

  • Breakfast,  Tarts

    Breakfast Fruit Tart

    Summer is a good time to have a couple light breakfasts in your recipe collection. The fact that this Breakfast Fruit Tart is both easy and brunch-worthy makes it pretty much the best ever. This beauty has a slightly sweet oatmeal crust filled with vanilla yogurt and topped with fresh berries. Brunch-worthy indeed.

  • Mini Desserts,  Tarts

    Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets

    I have a collection of bakeware that rivals most HomeGoods stores. Not really, but I’m close. Packing to move (twice in four months!) made this painfully obvious. Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of both standard and specialty baking pans (and specialty baking ingredients, but that’s another post). Even with a (slight) purge of my inventory when we moved, I still own SEVEN different sizes/shapes of tart pans. Among them, a set of teeny, tiny, 2.5-inch tart pans.

    I made use of some of the smallest tart pans in my collection (like these [here]) to make these adorable baby Chocolate Cream Tartlets with Raspberry Meringue. They’re so cute I can’t stand it. I *love* mini desserts. Then again–what’s not to love about a sweet pastry crust filled with dark chocolate custard and topped with raspberry meringue?

    chocolate raspberry tartlets