• Mini Desserts,  Tarts

    Raspberry Pistachio Tartlets

    The bounty of summer berries is always inspiring me for new ways to use them! I saw some gorgeous raspberries, and of course my brain immediately started pairing them with other delicious flavors. Pistachios, honey, vanilla…the resulting creating was these delicious Raspberry Pistachio Tartlets!

    A photo of three raspberry pistachio tartlets on a white plate.
  • Tarts

    Chocolate Mango Tart

    We have just a few days until the official start of Summer! Summertime makes me think beach trips, barbeques, and tropical flavors. I had a hunch that mango would work with chocolate, and I got to work! The result: this Chocolate Mango Tart!

    chocolate mango tart
  • Seasonal

    30+ Summer Dessert Recipes

    Summer is heeeere! Okay, only almost, but I want you to be prepared! Baking may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about summertime activities (unless you’re me), but you’ll never go to a cookout, barbeque, or picnic without desserts! Here’s a roundup of 30+ Summer Dessert Recipes to keep things sweet all summer long!

    Summer desserts
  • Pies

    Chocolate Cherry Pie

    It’s hard to keep cherries around at my house for long enough to bake them into something. I (and my family) prefer to snack on them more than anything else. I had to guard cherries with my life to bake them into this Chocolate Cherry Pie, but it was SO worth it!

    Chocolate Cherry Pie