About Amee

Hi, I’m Amee, and I have a baking problem.

This is how I describe my *need* to spend time in the kitchen. I also love cooking (and science and sarcasm and I have an odd fascination with mini farm animals), but sweets are my passion. Once you get to know me, it becomes quite clear that “baking problem” doesn’t really do justice to my level of obsession. I enjoy trying new recipes and tweaking them to fit my tastes, moods, whims, and the palates of my nut-hating children. I also love taking a few extra minutes to make my sweets beautiful.

While my sweet tooth is typical of every branch of my family tree, my introduction to baking definitely came from my mom. After college, my career as an environmental scientist was high stress and long hours–which I’m suited for. Mostly. Baking became my creative outlet; a way to feel relaxed centered (I don’t really relax). Sometimes you just need to bake cookies at midnight so you’re mentally and emotionally prepared for the next day. Lots of people do that, right?


About Live to Sweet

My husband, Adam, and I were born and raised in southeast Michigan.  We have three kids: James (14), Katie (12), and William (6). We moved from Michigan to just outside Dallas, Texas just after William was born, turning our lives upside down. Adam’s new job demanded a lot of his time, and my job had similar demands. With three kiddos at home, something had to give.

That’s the story of how I became an Accidental Stay-at-Home-Mom. I’m so happy that I can be at home and give my family the support they need. I’m also a pretty big fan of not leaving the house. I realize how lucky I am to be able to stay home…buuuut…..my brain was bored. Sometimes when my older kids were at school I would sit and look at my clean house wondering what to do with myself. So…

I then became an Accidental Stay-at-Home-Mom-and-Blogger. I’m always baking something up, and then being asked for my recipes. I routinely have people contact me with their baking questions. I like to write. It seemed like the next logical step. After 4.5 years in Texas, we finally moved back to Michigan (yay!!), and I’ve grown to love sharing my baking adventures on the blog. I hope that you enjoy my recipes, and that they inspire you to whip up something sweet for yourself!