• Seasonal

    10 Best Baking Recipes of 2021

    The end of the year is weird. My body is composed mostly of cookies at this point. I keep having to check to see what day it is, which means I’m never quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing on any given day. BUT I do love to reminisce a bit, and for the blog that means checking out the 10 Best Baking Recipes of 2021!

    collage photo of top 10 baking recipes from Live to Sweet
  • Holiday

    Christmas Gifts for Bakers

    The holidays are here! This is definitely waaaay outside my usual, but as I was browsing online I saw so many things that would make fabulous gifts! As such, I couldn’t resist stepping outside the kitchen (and going down a blogging rabbit hole) to put together a post of Christmas Gifts for Bakers!

  • Cream Puffs

    Pecan Pie Cream Puffs

    It’s Thanksgiving week! In true Amee form, I have one last minute recipe for you that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table. After this I promise I’ll embrace all things peppermint and gingerbread, but for today: Pecan Pie Cream Puffs!

    Pecan Pie Cream Puff on overturned measuring cup with yellow mum flowers and pecans nearby
  • Angel Food Cake,  Cake

    Caramel Apple Angel Food Cake

    I love Fall, I love caramel, and I love apples. I think if you search the blog there are like seven caramel apple recipes of some kind or another. And who can blame me?? The combo is so classic that it works over and over again for all different types of desserts. My love affair with all thing caramel apple continues with this Caramel Apple Angel Food Cake!

    Slice of Caramel Apple Angel Food Cake on a plate with apples and cinnamon sticks nearby
  • Pies

    Rosemary Almond Apple Galette

    I’m one of those crazy people that loves to work with dough. Bread dough, pie dough…all the dough. I realize that most people do not share in this love, and if you’re nodding your head, this Rosemary Almond Apple Galette is for you! All the apple pie flavor with no fussy crust!

    Close up photo of Rosemary Almond Apple Galette with two scoops of vanilla ice cream on top
  • Seasonal

    The Best Apple Desserts

    Apples reign supreme this time of year, and for good reason! They’re so versatile and, at peak flavor, who can resist? In the spirit of all things apple, I’ve pulled together all The Best Apple Desserts in one place for you!

    Apple Desserts
  • Pastry

    Caramel Apple Shortcake

    It’s September, and that means something very exciting: apples!!! I love apples. And apple orchards. And salted caramel. So…when I dreamed up this Caramel Apple Shortcake I got to work on it *immediately!*

    Caramel Apple Shortcake on a white plate near yellow flowers with apples in the background