• Seasonal

    The Best Apple Desserts

    Apples reign supreme this time of year, and for good reason! They’re so versatile and, at peak flavor, who can resist? In the spirit of all things apple, I’ve pulled together all The Best Apple Desserts in one place for you!

    Apple Desserts
  • Pastry

    Caramel Apple Shortcake

    It’s September, and that means something very exciting: apples!!! I love apples. And apple orchards. And salted caramel. So…when I dreamed up this Caramel Apple Shortcake I got to work on it *immediately!*

    Caramel Apple Shortcake
  • Pies

    Hazelnut Fig Galette

    I had been searching and searching for fresh figs for the loooongest time, and kept coming up short. Then one day I happened upon some gorgeous figs when I wasn’t even looking for them! I bought them, brought them home, and…I had no idea what to do with them! After a few moments in my pantry I had a plan, and this Hazelnut Fig Galette was born!

    Hazelnut Fig Galette
  • Breakfast,  Pastry

    Cherry Almond Sweet Rolls

    In case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing about less-than-mainstream flavor combinations. Blackberry/Lavender/Chocolate in my Blackberry Lavender Brownie Pie. Chocolate/Coconut/Coffee in my Coconut Mocha Pie. So many times I come up with a flavor profile first, then decide how to execute it. It was the same story with these Cherry Almond Sweet Rolls, and I’m so happy with how these flavors shine together!

    Cherry Almond Sweet Rolls
  • Bars

    Strawberry Thyme Blondies

    I love strawberries. LOVE them. The thing is…I’d much rather just eat them raw than ever bake with them. If you search my recipes, you’ll find almost every strawberry recipe uses fresh, raw strawberries, because that’s my jam (pun intended). 😉 So, when I set out to make something new, I looked at the pan of strawberries I was about to cook down and said “this had better be worth it!!” out loud. Well, they so, SO are. These Strawberry Thyme Blondies are a new family favorite, and I hope you’ll love them, too!

    Strawberry Thyme Blondies
  • Mini Desserts,  Tarts

    Raspberry Pistachio Tartlets

    The bounty of summer berries is always inspiring me for new ways to use them! I saw some gorgeous raspberries, and of course my brain immediately started pairing them with other delicious flavors. Pistachios, honey, vanilla…the resulting creating was these delicious Raspberry Pistachio Tartlets!

    A photo of three raspberry pistachio tartlets on a white plate.
  • Tarts

    Chocolate Mango Tart

    We have just a few days until the official start of Summer! Summertime makes me think beach trips, barbeques, and tropical flavors. I had a hunch that mango would work with chocolate, and I got to work! The result: this Chocolate Mango Tart!

    chocolate mango tart