Christmas Gifts for Bakers

The holidays are here! This is definitely waaaay outside my usual, but as I was browsing online I saw so many things that would make fabulous gifts! As such, I couldn’t resist stepping outside the kitchen (and going down a blogging rabbit hole) to put together a post of Christmas Gifts for Bakers!

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I’ve broken my Christmas Gifts for Bakers into the categories below. Most of these items are things that I own, love, and use often! Let me know if you have any questions about any of them!

  • Stocking Stuffers – small baking gifts that fit perfectly in a stocking!
  • The Basics – we’re talking mixing bowls and measuring spoons here. These are baking necessities, and would be loved by new and seasoned bakers alike!
  • Baking Pans – these are all my favorite pans, most of which are standard baking types/sizes.
  • Specialty Baking – these items aren’t necessary for everyday baking, but are so fun to use!
  • Just for Fun – all of these gifts for the baker in your life celebrate baking, from pajama pants to jewelry!
  • Ingredients – this is a list of my FAVORITE ingredients to use in baking! I could seriously talk forever on these, so be careful if you ask about them. 😉
  • For Kids – I tell my kids all the time that we already own all the “real” kitchen equipment, but that has not stopped them from wanting and loving all the stuff that’s specially-made for kiddos!
  • The Big Stuff – this is a short list of the bigger things to get for a baker if you’re looking to splurge or going in together with friends or family for a gift!

Stocking Stuffers for Bakers

These small gifts for the baker in your life fit perfectly in a stocking, and (as of the time of this post) they’re all under $20!

Microplane Grater

This grater has a variety of uses, but it can’t be beat for zesting citrus!

Bee’s Wrap

I love using this wrap in the kitchen! Eco friendly, convenient, and reusable!

Biscuit Cutters

Whether it’s biscuits, cookies, scones, or fondant, they’ll always come in handy!

Dusting Wand

How fun is this?? Get a perfect dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa powder on your finished product with this cutie!

Bench Scraper

Fantastic for portioning dough and cleaning up your work surface!

Candy Thermometer

There’s no substitute for a candy thermometer when you’re making meringue, marshmallows, & candy!

Pastry Blender

Cutting butter into pastry or streusel has never been easier with one of these!

Pizza Cutter

Fabulous not only for cutting pizza, but for scones and pastry, too!

Cookie Scoops

A cookie scoop keeps baking consistent–and your hands clean! Link is to a small scoop!

Gifts for Bakers – The Basics

Here are the basics, the baking necessities! These gifts would be loved by new and seasoned bakers alike (as even experienced bakers love new and upgraded supplies!) All of these gifts are less than $30, but many of them are less than $10!

Measuring Cups

You can never have too many, and the metal ones will last a lifetime!

Liquid Measuring Cup

This makes measuring liquids sooo much easier! I love this one in particular because you can read how full it is from the top!

Measuring Spoons

I love this set! The long, skinny shape means they fit in all your spice jars!

Measuring Beakers

This set is so convenient and LOOK how cute!! I use mine all the time during recipe prep!

Silicone Spatulas

I love that these are completely coated in silicone, so no food mess stuck between the head and the handle!

Cooling Racks

A must-have for any baker! These cooling racks are nonstick, and stack so that they take up less counterspace!

Offset Spatula

You can make it work with a butter knife, but it’s easier to frost and keep your hands out of the way with one of these!

Mixing Bowls

Perfect for mixing, with a silicone handle and a pour spout! I’ve had mine for years and they’re still perfect.

Rolling Pin

The baker in your life may have a standard rolling pin, but this nonstick pin would definitely be an upgrade!

Gifts for Bakers – Pans

Here are all my favorite baking pans! These are all standard sizes, but of course there are many more options available! I prefer light-colored pans because my baked goods brown/bake more slowly and are less likely to get dry at the edges. I have a lot of pans from USA Pan here–their quality is exceptional, and they’re made in the USA (Not an ad. I’m just a fangirl.)

9″ Cake Pans

9″ is pretty standard, but there are many more sizes you could gift, too!

Cookie Sheet

Cookie sheets are an absolute necessity! A must for any baker!

9×13 Pan

Cakes, bars, brownies, pizza! This pan is welcome in any kitchen!

Muffin Pan

Muffins, cupcakes, cookie cups, and so many savory options! Having a good muffin pan is a necessity!

Loaf Pan

I use these so often! You might want to get two, as many bread recipes make two loaves!

Pie Plate

If you gift a pie plate, maybe you’ll get some pie! 😉 I like this one with the fluted edge because it fancies up the pie even if you just do a simple crimp. <3

Angel Food Cake Pan

You have to have an angel food cake pan with those teeny feet to make it correctly!

Springform Pan

A necessity for cheesecake! I can’t personally attest to the “leakproof” claim of this one, but it has great reviews!

8×8 Pan

A fantastic size for brownies, bars, and small snacking cakes!

Gifts for Bakers – Specialty Baking

Now we get to the really fun stuff! 🙂 These items aren’t entirely practical (with the exception of the kitchen scale!), but they are sooo fun…and you’ll see a definite theme of mini baked goods, because who can resist?? As of the time of this post, all these gifts are less than $30!

Mini Pie Pans

Mini desserts are insanely adorable, so any baker would appreciate these mini pie pans!

Doughnut Pan

I’ve tried a few, and this is the best one! I have two so I can bake a dozen doughnuts without having to bake them in batches.

Mini Tart Pans

The next installment in mini adorableness, these mini tart pans would always make a wonderful gift!

Mini Cheesecake Pan

Making itty bitty cheesecakes isn’t really difficult, but they look SO impressive! The baker in your life will love this pan!

Kitchen Torch

Fabulous for toasting marshmallows and meringue! Mine is so old you can’t get it anymore, but this one gets great reviews!


I use these for practically everything on a baking sheet. Nothing sticks to them, baked goods brown more slowly, and there’s no waste!

4″ Cheesecake Pans

I love these little guys, because everyone can have their own personal cheesecake, so I don’t have to share. 😉

Kitchen Scale

Ensuring that batter is divided equally between pans and more accurately measuring ingredients makes you a better baker!

Cake Plate with Dome

Any cake would look gorgeous on this cake plate! It’s always fun to display your baked goods!

Cake Decorating Set

I’m not much of a cake decorator, but I love having piping tips and supplies to play with buttercream!

Pastry Mat

This pastry mat is great for measuring and rolling out pastry without having to add too much flour to your dough. It’s also enormous, so even my largest projects fit on it!

Natural Food Colors

I’m not big on food colors, so when I choose to use them I try to use natural options when possible! I really like the range of colors that comes with this set!

Gifts for Bakers – Just for Fun!

Just because the gift is for a baker doesn’t mean it has to be a kitchen item! Here are a bunch of options to celebrate their love of baking outside the kitchen.

Bake Love Oven Mitt

They say baking is love made edible, right?

Rollin’ Kitchen Towel

This never gets old! All the other ones that made me laugh had curse words on them, so let’s go with this one. 😉

Baking Socks

Just love these baking socks with the little hand mixers on them! So fun!

Baker’s Apron

Bakers gonna bake! Profess love for baking and keep your clothes clean at the same time!

Procrastibaking Shirt

“Procrastibaking” seems to be common among bakers!

Eat Sleep Bake Sweatshirt

This is true of every baker I know! They can show off their passion for baking and stay cozy warm, too!

Cupcake Pajama Pants

I don’t think my husband would appreciate these, but look how cuuuute!

Whisk Necklace

This necklace is over-the-top cute!

Oven Mug

This mug is SO cute! So cute, that I’m willing to overlook the fact that the cupcakes are baking with frosting on them. 😀

Gifts for Bakers – Ingredients

These are my FAVORITE ingredients to use in baking! I could seriously talk forever on these, so be careful if you ask about them. 😉 I use every one of these in my kitchen for the BEST flavor!

Vanilla Bean Paste

My favorite ingredient!!!! <3 More flavorful than extract and more economical than beans. I want those little black vanilla bean flecks in *everything*!

Homemade Vanilla Kit

Making your own vanilla is so easy! Makes a fantastic gift!

Maraschino Cherries

These aren’t your ordinary marachinos! Made in my homestate of MI, these dark, beautiful cherries are perfect for so many recipes!

Espresso Powder

Any baker that loves espresso needs this ingredient! Finely ground especially for baking, it’s the best way to get coffee flavor in baked goods!

Chocolate Extract

This ingredient makes chocolate baked goods taste so good! This extract is sometimes overlooked, so it makes a fabulous gift!

Cacao Nibs

Any baker would love to have these in their pantry! I’ve never seen them in a grocery store, so they make a great gift!

Vanilla Sugar

I love the flavor of vanilla sugar! It can be used in so many ways, it’s a great gift!

Citrus Oils

This citrus oil set is a fantastic gift! These oils are more flavorful than extracts. They’re soooo good!

Alter Eco Chocolate Bars

One of my favorites! Not only for flavor, but because it’s organic and Alter Eco is so environmentally and socially conscious! <3

Freeze-Dried Fruit

I love using freeze-dried fruit in bakes! It can be added whole or processed into a powder, but it’s always flavorful year-round!

Crystallized Ginger

I just love the sweet-and-spicy flavor punch of crystallized ginger! Chop it up and add it to cake or muffins, sprinkle it on top of frosting, or just snack on it straight from the bottle. 😉

Black Cocoa Powder

This cocoa is amazing! The darkest cocoa with the deepest flavor, your baked goods will be nearly black and sooo chocolatey!

Gifts for Bakers – For Kids

This section is for the kiddos! I tell my kids all the time that we already own all the “real” kitchen equipment, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting and loving all the stuff that’s specially-made for them!

Super Simple Baking for Kids

Simple recipes for kiddos starting out in the kitchen!

Baking Cookbook for Teens

Baking recipes geared toward teens, with more experience than younger kids, but who are still learning!

Chocolate Pen

I don’t know a kid on the planet who wouldn’t want to play with this. 😉

Dinosaur Baking Set

For your dinosaur lover, and comes in two sizes!

Unicorn Baking Set

For your unicorn lover, and comes in two sizes!

Kids Baking Gift Set

This set is quite complete, and would be appropriate for both younger and older kids!

Gifts for Bakers – the Big Stuff

This is a short list of the bigger gifts to get for a baker if you’re looking to splurge or going in together with friends or family for a gift! The stand mixers, dutch oven, and food processor are what I use in my kitchen and I love them. <3

Cuisinart Hand Mixer

Full disclosure: I have had a stand mixer all my life. It’s a blessing for sure. I chose this hand mixer to suggest as a gift because it’s more cost effective than a stand mixer, and Cuisinart is a good brand with good reviews. I think the baker on your list would love it!

Kitchenaid 3.5qt Mixer

This is my baby. This is pretty much the dream of every baker. Meringue at push of a button. Angel food cake without breaking your arm whisking and whisking. I adore my stand mixer. This is the smaller (and thus, more cost effective) option. It comes in an array of colors, and there isn’t a baker anywhere who wouldn’t love it!

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

This ice cream maker is a splurge, but for good reason because it requires NO freezing! It has a compressor built in, so you just pour the custard into the ice cream maker and let it do it’s thing. A must-have if the baker in your life loves making homemade ice cream as well (and hopefully they’ll share with you)!

Cuisinart Food Processor

This is the one I use at home, and I love it! I had originally asked for a smaller one for Christmas, but my husband got me this (13 cup capacity) and I’m so glad because I definitely would have overflowed the smaller ones!

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Okay, this one doesn’t actually break the bank at less than $50–but here’s the thing: I make sourdough bread in mine, and this works just as well (or better) and those $200-$300 enamel ones!

The Holy Grail Stand Mixer

A suuuuper splurge, but I’m just going to leave this right here. Stronger. Bigger bowl. A workhorse. Sooo many gorgeous color options.

I hope you found something in my Christmas Gifts for Bakers list that will be perfect for the baker in your life! Just to be clear–that includes you! I mean, treating yourself to baking gifts will reward you and everyone around you that you choose to share with! If you choose to share, that is. No judgment here. 😉

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