Beginner Baker Recipes

There are times that I’ve spoken with people about baking to find that they don’t bake. Not because they don’t want to, but because they’re intimidated by it. It got me thinking about how I make a lot of my recipes involved and complicated, but that there are some easy-to-make gems on my blog. I’ve gathered them up for you here: a list of Beginner Baker Recipes!

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When I was thinking about Beginner Baker Recipes, a few things came to mind:

  • If you’re a beginning baker, it’s possible/likely that you don’t have special kitchen equipment. As such, none of these recipes require any speciality equipment. That includes mixers and food processors. The recipe may state to use a mixer for ease of mixing, but it isn’t necessary!
  • Beginner bakers also likely don’t have specialty ingredients at their disposal, or don’t want to invest in such ingredients (yet)! So, I made sure to only include recipes with ingredients that are readily available at most grocery stores.
  • If you’re *really* starting out, you might not have the basic kitchen equipment. At the end of this post (following the recipes), I’ve included a list of basic equipment along with links to where you can buy them. The links are either items that I use myself, or something similar to what I use in my kitchen.

So, without further ado…

Cookies & Bars For Beginners

Lemon Sugar Cookies
These Lemon Sugar Cookies are simple, lemony perfection!! Crisp on the edges, chewy in the middle, and with fantastic lemon flavor, you won't be able to stop at one!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate Espresso Shortbread
These Chocolate Espresso Shortbread cookies are crisp, crumbly, and dipped in dark chocolate! Does it get any better?
Check out this recipe
chocolate espresso shortbread
Honey Sugar Cookies
These Honey Sugar Cookies are tender and chewy, with the floral flavor of honey! Drizzled with a honey vanilla bean glaze, these cuties are simple and delicious!
Check out this recipe
Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
These Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies require just a few kitchen staples and bake up in no time! Easy and sooo delicious!
Check out this recipe
Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Maple Cinnamon Cookies
These Maple Cinnamon Cookies are soft, chewy, and delicious! The warm flavors of maple, cinnamon, and brown sugar are complemented so well by the vanilla maple glaze! <3
Check out this recipe
Maple Cinnamon Cookies
Oatmeal Brownies
These fudgy Oatmeal Brownies have a buttery, crisp oatmeal crust! A recipe tried-and-true from my childhood, and a regular occurrence at my house during the holidays!
Check out this recipe
Cinnamon Roll Bars
These Cinnamon Roll Bars taste just like your favorite cinnamon roll–slathered in vanilla-cinnamon cream cheese frosting–but bake up in a fraction of the time!
Check out this recipe
Cinnamon Roll Bars

Bread & Muffins for Beginners

Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Muffins
Simple and delicious, these Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Muffins will make your morning! The recipe makes a fabulous base for other flavors, so check out the recipe notes for apple-cinnamon and blueberry variations!
Check out this recipe
Date Spice Bread
This Date Spice Bread is moist and delicious with dates, spices, and loads of orange zest!
Check out this recipe
Date Spice Bread
Honey Cornbread Muffins
Soft, fluffy, and slightly sweet, you'll want these Honey Cornbread Muffins time and time again!
Check out this recipe
Buttermilk Biscuits
Flaky, buttery goodness. You really can't go wrong with Buttermilk Biscuits. Have two. 🙂
Check out this recipe
(The Best Ever) Banana Bread
This (The Best Ever) Banana Bread is everything banana bread should be: great banana flavor without being heavy or slimy, and light in texture without being dry. I also add a sprinkle of raw sugar to the top of mine just before baking for a sweet crunch. (I save that part for last…my kids eat it first.)
Check out this recipe
Banana Bread

Scones for Beginners

Mini Chocolate Chip Scones
These mini glazed Chocolate Chip Scones are a delightful addition to your morning! Soft, sweet, and never dry…you need two or three of these! 🙂
Check out this recipe
Peach Streusel Scones
Rich, moist scones filled with fresh peaches, topped with the delightful crunch of brown sugar streusel, and drizzled with a vanilla bean glaze!
Check out this recipe
Peach Streusel Scones

Cakes & Cupcakes for Beginners

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream
These Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream are a classic! Deep, rich chocolate cupcakes with smooth, creamy vanilla buttercream. Who could resist? (Spoiler: not me!)
Check out this recipe
Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream
High Hat Cupcakes
These Hi-Hat Cupcakes are super moist and super chocolatey! Frosted sky-high with vanilla buttercream, then dipped in chocolate, these babies are over the top in the best way!
Check out this recipe
Wacky Cake
This Depression-era Wacky Cake uses no milk, butter, or eggs! It's super chocolatey and delicious! I topped mine with vanilla buttercream, but check out other options that don't use butter in the recipe notes!
Check out this recipe
Wacky Cake
Funfetti Wacky Cake
This Funfetti Wacky Cake has all the fun and none of the dairy! With no milk, eggs, or butter, this cake uses a minimum of ingredients with maximum flavor! If you don't want to use the butter for buttercream, this cake would also be delicious with just a dusting of powdered sugar!
Check out this recipe

Kitchen Equipment for Beginners!

As promised, here is a list of some basic kitchen equipment that you may need if you’re just starting out. I believe that if you have the items on this list, you can make any of the above recipes! Each item has a link so you can see what I’m using in my kitchen!


Mixing bowl set – I love this set because you get a variety of sizes, and the silicone bottoms and handles make them easy to use!


These are all standard baking pans. I love this brand because they’re light in color (so less likely to burn) and made in the USA!

Loaf pan

8×8 baking pan

9×13 baking pan

Standard Muffin/Cupcake Pan

Cookie Sheets

Pie plate – there are many, many different kinds and styles to choose from! This one is a good no-frills (see: not expensive!) starting point.

Baking Tools

Silpats – I love using silpats to line my cookie sheets because nothing sticks to them and you can use them over and over again!

Nonstick Parchment – Some recipes are better served by lining your pans with nonstick parchment. It’s also a much more cost-effective solution if you’re just starting out!

Small Cookie Scoop – Using cookie scoops isn’t necessary, but it keeps your hands cleaner and ensures that your cookies are all the same size!

Large Cookie Scoop

Fine Grater – Useful for a variety of things, but especially for zesting citrus!

Measuring Cups – Gotta have ’em. I chose this metal set because they last longer (I’ve killed plastic measuring cups too many times)!

Measuring Spoons – Again, gotta have ’em. I like these because they’re metal, and because they’re shaped to fit inside those tiny spice bottles!

Measuring Beakers – Okay…not exactly necessary if you have measuring cups and spoons, but I LOVE this set!

Offset Spatula – You can make it work with a butter knife, it’s just easier to frost and keep your hand out of the way with one of these babies.

Silicone Spatulas – Extremely useful tool! I like this kind because it’s all one piece. No head to fall off or have to clean in/around.

Whisk – Useful for incorporating both wet and dry ingredients. If you’re using on a nonstick pan, look into getting a silicone-coated one to save your pans!

Biscuit Cutters – Can be used for cookies, biscuits, etc. If you don’t have any, you could use a drinking glass in a pinch!

Fine Mesh Strainers – I use mine aaaall the time for sifting dry ingredients and dusting powdered sugar or cocoa powder over baked goods.

Pizza Cutter – Not a “have to have,” but very useful for cutting scones, pie crust, etc. Quicker, easier, and more accurate than using a knife.

Wire Cooling Racks – very helpful so your baked goods can cool off your counter. I like this set because they stack, saving you counter space.

Rolling Pin – Just your average rolling pin! 😉

Bench Scraper – I love my bench scraper for cutting/portioning dough and for scraping my counter clean when I’m done playing with dough. 🙂

Bowl Scraper – This baby is super affordable and is a great tool to have to scrape dough out of the bowl while keeping your hands clean. Also a great method of working dough together without the heat of your hands warming the dough! It’s not as durable, but it can also do the job of a bench scraper with a more affordable price tag!

Updated 8/23/2021

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